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dear pepper,Iam so sorry to hear about your mom. that was the hardest loss in my life also.I amm 49 and have been in cronic back pain since early thirtys.my first diagnosis was cashiers disease which now that iam older and wiser beleave there is no such thing.I eventually went to a chiro who refused to touch my back sent me to a reumy who was the first person to ever take me seriousy. I hate to tell you but hydrocodone is the only thing that even begins to touch my pain.I amm on lexapro, xanx, hydrocodone, calcium supp and perscription vitamin d. the reumy told me I have sponalosis severe stenosis, osteoporous and a couple of other things. honestly im not pushing drugs but ive tried alott of meds and hydrocodone and epidural shots have kept me working.maybe you were just pleased to be out of pain we all know that is a blessing.im sorry to have rattled on,and i hope i put this post in the right place because i really stink at this this is my third try.god bless you pepper i pray u find the right doc and meds. marywoo