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Soni, I am so glad your appt went well. Hip hip hooray! I am also thankful that we have your name, and we don't have to call you severely depressed anymore.

I lost my mom when I was 23, my sister 21, and my brother was 16. She just did not wake up from sleep. She passed away doing her favorite thing, in her favorite chair, she was watching t.v. She had been having a hard time sleeping, and was bothered by menopause, so she sat in her chair in the living room watching tv till she could get sleepy and go to bed. My father woke up and could not wake her up. He called my sister, who was right down the road, and me 1 hour away, and he was crying, it was the worst phone call and worst moment of my life. To this day, whenever the phone rings early in the morning, I have a wave of anxiety over me and I am scared.

I am a worrier too. I am also the first born, as you are also so to speak, and I take things much more seriously than my sister and brother. They both growing up were trouble makers,and I was serious and tried to do everything perfect. I take medicine now, lexapro, and that helps a lot. Also, most of my illnesses that I have, started out from stress. My migraines are triggered some times by stress, and then tmj was caused by extreme stress and anxiety and then my grinding/clenching my teeth. So I had migraines this summer more than usual, in September my tmj flared up so bad, and it stayed, and I now have chronic pain from that. It went into my neck and shoulders, and my marriage went straight downhill, as I needed my husband more, and he did not know how to help. I actually had to hire a babysitter to come in everyday so I could lay down, or make phone calls to surgeons and dentists. Stress is a horrible things, and it can kill you. I am trying to not be like my mother, as stress was a leading cause in my mothers death. In October, my hands and feet started bothering me,and it was hard for me to walk, and I could not use my hands sometimes. Then it went into my muscles, joints, and bones. I have been battling chronic pain, and now my doctor the other day referred me by saying I was a chronic pain patient. I am trying my best not to be depressed too, and here has helped me. So I guess, by helping you makes me feel better. I hope we really did make a difference and help you over the last couple of days.

musicianDi I am glad that you and I could help Soni. We kind of teamed up on him so he had more of a support team. I was very worried about Soni, and I truly prayed for him, his health and safety.

Soni, I am so glad you are going to church, and are going to do great things. Sometimes we need to have something happen where we have to recheck our lives, and start over. You have a beautiful wife, and 2 beautiful daughters, what a blessing! Please keep writing us, and I am looking forward to talking to you.

If you can, I would make an appt. with your regular doctor, and dicsuss anxiety. Then maybe you can get a referral for a therapist if that is something you are looking for.

Here is my therapy, and I don't have to pay a copay! I can not tell anybody how greatful I am to finding this website and chatting with my friends. Sometimes it is just the boys and I all day, and the phone never rings, and my husband is gone for the day, comes home and takes a nap, and then goes back to work all night into the morning.

I truly hope you have a great day. You deserve the absolute best! Take it easy, you might be a little sore, and let your wife pamper you.