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Gnocchi, i am so sorry you are suffering,have you tried the facet shots?I just recieved 3 on tuesday,and am shocked at my pain relief,i was really in agony so i can only imagine how you feel.Iam shocked at your dr.what an A$$.the meds i take are lexapro lyrica and hydrocodone.the hydrocodone really doesnt work like it use to,but if you have not been on it ,it will take the edge off.Ive never heard of going to phychiatrist for neck and back issues.I am seeing a reumatologist,who orderd pain management,i dont know how your insurance works.could you see a nuerologist?that is where they are slowly working me towards,so i wonder what would have happened if i had seen him first.neurosurgeons have other treatments than surgery,it sounds like your scared to go that route and i dont blame you,iam scared too.but you have to have that treated because it does get worse wiyhout treatment.i was in bed for months,and thought i would lose my mind.their is help so please dont give up.their are lots of meds out to help you cope in the mean time.percosette is supposed to be good,personally i cant take it it makes me nausues,but ask your dr about the facet shots,they really took the edge off,i can breath again,and beleave me i was desperate.do you also have back and leg problems?i hate to see you get mistreated because it does effect your whole body including emotions.thats why i take lexapro most people with chronic pain are on anti depressants.i hope you get some relief,but seriosly ditch that dr.the other people on here are real sweethearts you have come to the right place,you will get the support you need.feel better. marywoo
Gnocci,please forgive me i just seen your post.just deal is no way an option,you need help,pain meds are different for every one,i take hydrocodone,which use to help,unfortunately they all ware off after a while.iam on lexapro and lyrica,lyrica is for my nerce damage,that burning and stabbing pain that does work foe me,and i just had 3 facet shots which has given me some relief.how many epidurals did you have,they say you have to have 3 to know weather they work,i know when you get to nero-surgeon they do have other options like traction,i have yet to see a neur because of my inssurance,which says i have to have so many shots within such amount of time before they will pay,i know it makes no sense.is your disc pressing on spine?i do have some friends who have had sucessfull neck surgeies,sorry about my spelling.your bulge in the neck is in the same area i have thats why i asked about the facet shots,after that they will try to burn my nerves my pm dr said he will explain that to me later because most back and neck suffers dont remember,which he is right,i cant remember anything any more.i wish i could be of more help.hope you feel better mary