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Hi Temera,
I'm sorry to hear you are in so much pain. One of the things that has helped me through the highs and the lows through the years is making a plan. When I get really down, or in a ton of pain and don't think I can handle it anymore, I sit down (by myself or with a loved one) and write down my options... what I can do to make it better... whether that be simple things like rest, or massage... or calling my doctor and getting an appointment ASAP. Having a plan helps me deal with the uncertainties of the pain/depression/and everything else that comes with TMJ disorder.
In my opinion, after dealing with this for years, it's not the actual pain that really causes issues - it's the way we feel about it and deal with it. If we can develop good coping mechanisms, the next time you get in a spot that's difficult, it won't be so hard. :)
Does that make sense? Also, Thelma Louise mentioned anti-depressants, they can definitely help you through a rough spot - or for longer. I find that they help me have less major ups and downs. Plus, they help with pain, and some help with sleep too.
Some anti-depressants that have been used in pain management are Cymbalta, Lexapro, Effexor, and Wellbutrin.

Hope this helps. Hang in there - and remember that people who understand are always around to listen if you need it.