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Hi spineys, i am having great difficulty dealing with back, leg and pain issues. I actually have stated once maybe is it all in my head and although honestly i know it can kinda be due to the fact your brain tells you or sends signals that something not right and so on. Well i have had many discussions with hubby regarding this and i get really frustuarted at times. Okay heres the thing okay yes everyone gets pains from time to time whatever it might be and sometimes we or anyway tend to overreact. Okay heres the :biggy" Can you really make yourself be in pain or think your in pain ect,? I know they say you just have to go on with your life and i am at that point that no you can't do anything about so you find ways to cope ect. I even read the book called A new earth, your whatever to lifes purpose and what i got from that is you have an ego that you feed off of and it creates the negativity and such. If someones in pain why would you want to make it worse? can this be really because you want to or just that your feeding the ego to bring drama pain ect to your life? I am not sure if anyone has read this book or even heard of it? But am very curoius as i have overcome alot without reading this book and said pain or no pain it has to get done and i need to spend time with my kids ect. For example the other day my hubby stated, "your are going to be hurting" my reply was well ithier way i'm an going to hurt so whatever! SO is someone weak because of all this like i should go back to work and even though i could do more damage and then deal with the consequences? I am just having a hard time as i have worked pretty much my whole life does this mean i am letting pain hold me back? For instance as example my hubbys back bothers him daily but he still works full time but the one catch here is he doesn't have difficulty walking on ither leg because of it, not that he wants me to work or anything theres no need right now and he knows i suffer also. Besides th fact i tried two years straight and then i couldn't walk really at all as to push myself so i didn't feel like i was giving up. So basically what would halp me with this way of thinking, feeling maybe?
Thanks if you have a chance to read and reply, i have been really down again and due to summertime and kids i cannot follow through with therapy about all this. My new Dr. did start me back on my Lexapro and xanax as needed but i'm sure i'm not the only that gets sick of taking a pill! And then to add to aniety i already have she mentioned something i already struggle with wich having ovaqrian cysts and them getting bigger and the gyn not doing paps with all the wieght i have lost and haing to miss follow ultrasound because of no sitter but hopefull can deal with that soon!
Love, Monkey