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Your story sounds exactly how I feel except I'm not yet (knock on wood) vomiting. I think that has to do with the fact that I'm taking Promethazine and Zofran. I can't eat or sleep or function, I just feel crappy all day every day. My doc says it's IBS and I need to take Lexapro to help me get it under control. I have been struggling with stomach issues for years but this is the worst I think I've ever felt. I truly feel like a nonfunctional human being right now. I feel like crap whether I eat or not so have been trying to force some food down. I feel like I have something in the pit of my stomach and am also taking Nexium and Zantac for reflux. I am going to have a Gall Bladder scan and going to see the gastroenterologist. I want the tube down my throat, I'm so tired of feeling sick and tired. I want to know what's wrong and am tired of taking several different meds a day and not getting much relief. I also tried Reglan but it didn't seem to help much. Please let us know if you get any answers, I'd love to hear what they suggest for you. I would definately ask for something to keep you from vomiting though, no need to suffer like that although I still feel really nauseous all the time even after I take them. Good luck.