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hey all. maybe someone can answer my question and ease my mind a bit. i woke up in the middle of the night last night. i was startled and felt like something woke me up but i dont remember what it was because i instantly realised that the left side of my lips and chin were numb. i instantly panicked and went to the bathroom to look at my face. it looked normal and slowly the numbness started to go away until it completely went away. now i think i was laying on that side of my face and it was slightly red (imprint from pillow). could the numbness have been from laying weird on my face? it happens to my arm sometimes when i lay on it, and thats sort of what it felt like but i have NEVER had that happen to my face. anyone had this happen to them? im a bit worried, even though it went away. the only thing that has changed in my life is i started taking lexapro about 2 weeks ago but im not sure if thats related. also my heart has been fluttering for months now, so thats why i have a fear of a stroke or something. im 23 years old so i think that would be highly unlikely. anyway, any ideas would be greatly appreciated!:D