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Hi Shetland Kiwi - I, too, have done chemo - 6 initial rounds of carbo/taxol and then 9 "maintenance" rounds of taxol only. I found that the fatigue was the worst - as soon as I got home from each chemo, I'd take an advil, then 4 hours later take an aleve, and 4 hours later, a tylenol. That rotation really helped with the muscle/joint pain. It doesn't matter what order you take them in - just to rotate all three.

Obviously, it stinks to lose your hair - as women, it seems like we're often defined by our hair & boobs! There's no easy answer to that part - it is terrible to look in the mirror & see yourself bald, without eyebrows & eyelashes. It certainly tries to take your femininity from you. All I can say is fight the good fight & keep your chin up. I had a wondeful support system and very loving husband, but there were still days that I was oh so blue & just couldn't find the light at the end of the tunnel. I talked with my doc about it & he prescribed a low dosage of lexapro, which helped quite a bit.

As for the low immunity weeks, I had weekly shots of procrit which helped to boost my red blood cells. The shots hurt like heck (given in the back of your arm), but they definitely kept me "up" and I stayed working full time until my 5th and 6th treatments. Bottom line: ask for help if you need it! I know it's sometimes hard just to walk from your bedroom to the kitchen without stopping to take a rest. Get a friend to bring you dinner, have someone vacuum for you, or do a load of laundry. Little things like that make a BIG difference!

I finished my chemo last December & have been cancer free ever since - I was stage IIIc, ovarian and uterine. I also don't believe the statistics - I'm a young woman who had cancer, and I'm a young SURVIVOr of cancer! I know in my heart that I will live many, many cancer free years, so I don't even think about the statistics. Every person is different & I truly believe the mental piece is half the battle. I HATE that I had cancer and went through what I did, but I also know that it made me appreciate every day for what it is and I find myself being more tolerant of others and kinder to everyone. Maybe that's the silver lining??

Keep us updated on how you're doing - you'll join the Survivors Club soon!! I'll keep you in my thoughts & prayers.