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Reba73 - Thanks for responding.
I am definately perimenopausal. I almost think having my tubes tied and then having the ablation sent me there early then expected. I never had bleeding or inconsistent periods before. Maybe turning 40 (2 years ago) really made a difference. I can't imagine going through this for another 10 years.

I was taking 10 mg of lexapro but I hated the way it made me feel sometimes (lazy, low libido, didn't care if the kids were jumping on the couch or off their bunk beds.. ha ha). I stopped taking it about 2 weeks ago when I started the progesterone hoping it would solve my anxiety and mood swings. I think my husband is ready for me to get back on it. Since I've been taking the progesterone I can finally sleep without medication and my chin is no longer breaking out. I still have other symptoms like psoriasis that I had when I was a kid and then it came back after I had my 4 year old. It may have been after the ablation, not sure. I got back on Wednesday to have another ultrasound to see the status on my lining. Since my husband is self employed (realtor) and we have individual insurance with a huge deducible (it's been met for 2008), I asked if we could do get this stuff check out this year and not dragged it into next year spending another $5k in Jan/Feb time. I assume that my doctor will do the ultrasound and if it's not reduced then she will biopsy. From there not sure. Thanks again for responding.