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;) Nancy and Dave ;),

Please keep your chins up !!:) I know the stress of all this can get you now and then. You will get through it all. SO sorry to hear about gramps. He at 96 must have had a great life. Wow if we all could make that age. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.

I know the scaniexty is sometimes unbearable. Been there plenty of times.
Please tell Dave not to worry until he has something to worry about. (the results from test) Yes easier said than done some times. I talk to my self and say "lets not jump to our own conclusions here" As we can not see through the body like a scan machine all we have to go by is the way they feel. Sometimes its the stress of the waiting and then the result. But we can do nothing at the moment so why get worked up about it.

Does Dave take any medication for depression and or anxiety? My father started lexapro and seems to be in better spirits. He gets down and it sticks a bit so we have to lift him up too. I know its hard right now for you as you are dealing with other issues at the time too. However I am here and you can come and cry on my shoulder, I will let. Have to know you can release those feelings to get over them.

A Friend Wendy :angel: Prayers and thoughts :angel: