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Well, last night. I went to the doctor to get my blood work results, and I was extremely low on red blood cells (IRON), and my bood sugar was very low.

I have felt horrible for a while, and the doctors just said it was depression. I knew it was more then that.

Why do they always think "DEPRESSION"? Yes, I do have some depression, take Lexapro, and Kloplin, but knew something was not right.

I also got a B12 shot which he was OK with giving me, and I must say, I slept better, and have more energy, and don't feel the aches and pains, and sluggy like before.

I hope he will allow this B12, for I really think It is truely helping. I took it yesterday 10-1-08 @ 4:15, and it is now 10-2-08 9:00 am, I hope this continues.

Allot of us I think are missed dignoised. Please write on your experience on B12? I might be able to get off some of the meds I am on. With Exercise, and eating more protein.