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I started on Lexapro about 3 months ago. The first few days I was nausous, but after that NO side effects which is great!!!!

This pill is wonderful!!! Makes my anxiety and deperssion less, and NO side effects.
Good luck
I just started 10mg of Lexapro this past Wednesday and it has been nothing but a nightmare for me. Dizziness, hot flashes, extreme vomiting...just to name a few! BUT, I do know this is common, as I have tried Paxil and Prozac and experienced similar effects. If you have any side effects, and some don't, they will only last a week or two. Good luck!
I have been on Lexapro for about six months for social anxiety. At first I experienced fogginess and nausea and now I am definitely less anxious but do suffer sexual dysfunction. I have almost no sex drive but my mood swings are much more stable. I have gained 20 lbs and wonder if others have experienced the same?
I hated Lexapro, but I think that's because of the condition I used it for. I don't have depression, so my doctor put me on it for my OCD, and it did absolutely nothing. It actually made my OCD and panic attacks worse. However, my mom and maternal grandfather both have depression, and they do wonderfully on it. I think it's a good medication for unipolar depression, but not as good for other mental illnesses...