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i have suffered from rls for years that coincided with pms. when i got pregnant, the symptoms disappeared and since the birth of my son, i've not had one reoccurance. i actually even forgot i ever suffered from it. a week ago, i was diagnosed with depression and began taking lexapro. it immediately returned. i haven't had a decent night's sleep since. my question is, does anyone know if there is a link between rls and ssri's? since it has been over a year since i've had an rls episode, i'm not sure if it's just a side effect of the medication or if it triggered the condition again. any information would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
YES! I've had RLS on and off since I was a child. However, as a child, it would happen once every few years. As a teen and young adulthood it never did. In Fall 2002 it came on bad. Back then I didn't know it was RLS, I honestly thought it was some kind of seizure. It would scare me so much. I put together the fact that I had just started Prozac. Well, Prozac didn't mesh well with me so I went off it. This past summer, my doctor tried Prozac again on me-sure enough, the RLS came back. Second time around Prozac still didn't work, so I weaned off that, had no RLS. Then went back, decided I needed an AD. He put me on Lexapro 10mg at night. RLS came back everynight. I skipped a few days, then started taking it in the A.M., RLS went away. After sometime of Lexapro being in my system, I switched it back to night, I was fine. Well, last week he bumped me up to 20mg. I was taking it at night. RLS is back. It's hell. I'm on Norco for backpain and luckily that gets rid of it completely. However, this always seems to happen when I'm getting to the end of my script and I'm running low. So I've had to take a half a pill. I went back down to 10mg and switching to mornings again until it goes away. When it does go away and I have a few more extra Norco's from a new script, I'll start back up on the 20s.