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Hi x-man
Welcome to this wonderful informative family.
Sure do have a lot going on but I am with the rest of them forget the he-men and try some meds.That is the only thing that helps some of us get through the days and nights.
Some have had good sucess with epidorals.I unfortunitly did not,but that does not mean they do not help.
Again a big welcome.Hope you get answers your looking for.

The key word is research,research

car accident 72 S2 fused 76 Surgery 96 c5-6 fused
aug pains in neck started with pain meds. had X-rays MRI Mylagram
c2-3 c3-4 broadbase buldge c6-7 buldge.pinched nerve,arthritis,spinal stenosis.Meds.Celebrex200mg 1 a day Lexapro 10mg 1 day apap/codeine 300mg as needed oxycod/apap 500 mg as needed neurontin 300mg 2 xs a day Massages,PT,PM SO FAR NO RELIEFLost job as have been off work since Sept 02 3 good days since then