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Hi Jackie
Welcome to the boards. Sorry about your pain. I can only tell you what I have been through but remember everyone is different. I have had the works to (PT,epidorals,Facet blocks) with no relief am now waiting for NS appointment.
Remember one thing research, research,and stick around as I am sure someone will be around that can help you more
Again welcome

car accident 72 S2 fused 76 Surgery 96 c5-6 fused
aug pains in neck started with pain meds. had X-rays MRI Mylagram
c2-3 c3-4 broadbase buldge c6-7 buldge.pinched nerve,arthritis,spinal stenosis.Meds.Celebrex200mg 1 a day Lexapro 10mg 1 day apap/codeine 300mg as needed oxycod/apap 500 mg as needed neurontin 300mg 2 xs a day Massages,PT,PM SO FAR NO RELIEFLost job as have been off work since Sept 02 3 good days since then