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Sorry to hear that bones aren't fusing as fast as thought.Everyone seems to get a differant opinion on length of time. Some say fusion in as little as 6 weeks others say up to 1 year.My surgery was on 9-2 and I am in Miami J.dON'T KNOW IF YOU ARE A SMOKER OR NOT BUT THAT HAS LOTS TO DO WITH FUSION.Only 50%chance of this taking if so
Hope that next test show good results


Was told by NS that if you are a smoker it is better to use hip bone but recovery from using own bone is much slower and hip is more painful then neck.
Best to quit smoking at least 1 month before and use donor bone.This is what my Dr told me You will most likely get more answers soon
Hope this helped.I sure would ask your Dr these questions to be sure

car accident 72 S2 fused 76 Surgery 96 c5-6 fused
Aug pains in neck and shoulder returned.PCP,MRI Mylagram,PT Epidorals,Facet block,
C4-5 C6-7 HNP C4-5 Spinal stenosis
c5 Radiculitis Meds.Celebrex200mg 1 a day Lexapro 10mg 1 day Neurontin 300 4xs day apap/codine 300mg as needed oxycod/apap 500mg as needed neurontin 300mg 2 xs a day.
ACDF C 4-5 on 9-2-03 titanium plate 4 screws

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