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:wave: Hi all :wave: ,

I seldom post on this board; but I've got a problem that some of you might be able to help me with.

I spent the 4th of July in the ER with diverticulitis like symptoms. I know what they're like since I had perferatted diverticulitis in '01 that required a cholostomy that was later reversed. All the tests on the 4th (occult blood in the stool, blood tests, xray, and CT scan w/contrast) came back neg. Due the fact that I've had diverticulitis and still have a diverticulum, they sent me home with a script for flagyl & cipro. Two months later I'm still in pain (mainly LLQ) almost daily so my PCP sends me to my GI dr for further eval. GI drs nurse practioneer has me do another blood test and CT scan, which come back neg again. She then puts me on LIBRAX to see if that helps. I developed a bad chest/nasal cold and had to stop taking the LIBRAX before I could tell whether or not it was working, since it suppresses lung function.

I'm scheduled to see the GI dr himself on the 20th of this month and don't know what expect or even which questions to ask at this point.

Any and all sugestions will be greatly appreciated.