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I have been on these posts for a few months complaining about my IBS and how nothng helps my constipation. Ive tried Miralax, Zelnorm, Librax, fiber supplements, colonic cleansing, probiotics etc. I also had a colonoscopy. I NEVER have the feeling to go to the bathroom. Once i didnt go for 2 weeks. I am on the meds still and they dont work so once a week i have to take stimulant laxative pills. Enemas and even 4 glycerin suppositories dont work. I get bloated and gain 5 lbs when I dont go to the bathroom in the week. I know the laxatives are bad but nobody, including my doctor knows what I should do to go to the bathroom? (I have paid about $300 in the last month getting colonics just so I can 'go'. I have called the nurse after a week of not going to the bathroom and they tell me.."just keep taking everything"..even though its been over a month on the medicine.
What should I do?