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I went to see a new Ortho Doc ( #7 )today due to continued pain in my right knee, I had my 1st Knee surgery in 9/2001 ( a nerve was nipped) and was dx w/ RSD in 4/2002. I had seen an excellent Pain Mgm'nt Dr for 2yrs, when she 1st mentioned a block I was totally against it due I was afraid it would do more harm then good, after a year I was ready to give in, at that point she told me I had progressed too far and would be taking a big risk and she did not recommend I do it. I'm currently taking 3600mgs of Neurontin a day. Well upon seeing this new Ortho he told me he wanted me to see a different Pain Mgm'nt Dr for another evaluation due to he felt I should inquire about a block, now if it was too late 2 years ago due to the progression (I am at Stage 3), what would make it ok now. Both my siblings are DC's and feel I shouldn't do this, I know they don't know my pain, but are they right is my ??? All I want is my quality of life back. I was out of work for 3yrs, I have since been back to work for 2 yrs now but being on my feet is taking it's toll. It's getting harder to stand, go up the steps and not to mention the dpression setting back in. I have memory loss at times, I can be talking and then all of sudden forget what I wanted to say...this is especially frustrating when at work as I am the boss... :confused: ,Headaches are really bad, back pain, little creepy crawlers as I call them in my leg and my back, he also told me that there were other new drugs out there other then Nuerontin...does anyone know what they are and how they compare to Neurontin. I have been on the Neurontin for so long now, I have had to start taking Vicodin ES again for the extreme pain( I refuse to take anything stronger...I don't want become addicted...I had weened myself off all that stuff and just dealt with the pain, but it has gotten worse), Darvocet N-100 for the so called good days, I have been taking Celexa 20mgs a day, Xanax, Protonix, Librax (due to Ulcer & Gerd)...I was always in good health and never had to take pills , now I have to take over a $1000.00 a month in meds. I was told you just have to come to grips that this is how you are going to have live your life...what life...this is no life being in pain all the time, not wanting to go out...when home all I want to do is sleep...my body just shuts down on my days off, like it knows I'm off. I would like to know if anyone can answer some my questions or even validate what I'm feeling...This is the 1st time I'm writing in any type of forum about this...so thanks for reading & listening.