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Btw talking about beta blockers, when I was in my early 30's I had lots of palpitations and other frightening heart symptoms. It was the start of my severe anxiety/panic attacks. I went rushing to a heart Dr who determined that I have mitral valve prolaps (MVP) which was responsible for my symptoms. He prescribed Inderal for the heart symptoms and Librium for anxiety. I started taking the Librium and actually went into a panic attack because I felt SO suicidal, I stayed awake all night frightened so never took that again. The Inderal I started taking but was scared of it so stopped. I started looking into natural ways to deal with my symptoms. So here I am in my 60's on no drugs (I do take 1/4 of a 5mg valium if I have a severe panic attack at night which only happens roughly ever few months) and wondering what kind of shape I would be in by now if I had stayed on the Inderal plus would be hooked on the tranquiliser :eek: I am not saying that there are not times when meds are needed, I am just saying that the medical profession, probably out of fear of being sued, will put you on drugs immediately if you tell them you have a problem. I have a friend whose cat died and she had to go to her dr for a checkup and he asked her how she was, she said depressed about her cat and he prescribed Prozac :nono: Luckily she called me and we talked about how natural it is to be depressed after losing an animal or person close to you, I suggested some alternatives and she has been fine, I couldn't believe he put her on the drug without suggesting some alternatives first, even counselling for instance.

I have also found that Inderal and Sleep are mututally exclusive. I NEVER took it after 3 PM (back when.) But then I cannpt sleep with ANY beta-blocker except nadolol and then all I CAN do is sleep!

I too spent a fair amount of time with Librium back WHEN and like it a lot but Valium (diazepam) is the far better drug. I take maybe 40 a year (10 mg.) for lovely sleep when I'm stressed or 5 mg. when I am awake and worrying about something. I think diazepam is the best anti-anxiety agent ever invented.

Lorazepam and Temazepam are fit only for torture IMHO!:D