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see i read some where that 15mg of hydro is the same as 10mg morphine oral but not sure let me tell you my story bout hydro i took norco just another brand of hydro for about 4 mo i was taking 10mg about 8 to 10 aday as perscribed hydro you build tolerance fast i dont know how may or what mg you were taking but,my dr put me on oxycontin i being dumb to this type of medication i thought going from one narcotic to another to another there would be no withdraw symtons boy was i wrong!!!!there was including leg cramps calmy skin and just an overall bad feeling and it lasted for about 5 days and i went to another narcotic so i really do not recomend just stoping cold turkey if you stoped taking them 15hr ago you will start feeling the withdraw about 24hr after taking your last dose of the the hydro and your ultracet will not help any of these side affects let me repeat myself it WILL NOT HELP WIT THE SIDE AFFECTS if you call your dr and talk to him about a taper of the hydro he may help maybe not but he might give some librium or some other benzo to help with the anxiety i hope he puts you on a taper though its alot better on you and good luck.about the ultracet well its not going to work as well as the hydrocodone why did your dr decide to change your medication was your pain not as bad as it has been?i hope everything works out for you and i will pray for you keep everyone on here posted these people know what they are talking about and alot of them have been there did that so if you have any questions please ask and im sure these guys and girls will answer :angel: