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As a loooong time alcoholic (beer) I can attest to the adverse effect on BP. I was up to a case or more a day until I found a more demanding job about 3 months ago. At that point I went cold turkey with the assistance of some meds. prescribed by my doctor (Librium). After three months with no alcohol I was beginning to feel a bit better and my pressure was down do to weight loss I attribute to not drinking 24 cans of lite beer a day. Pressures of the new job led me to start drinking again about three weeks ago. Last Monday I thought I was gonna die. So now I'm alcohol free for 4 days, and still detoxing. I "think" when you drink it thins your blood and I know it acts in dehydrating you. Both those factors seem to lower your BP while drunk. But LOOKOUT when you sober up. It's like a rubber band effect and your BP spikes and (I at least feel like my head will blow off)