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White Coat Hypertension is bad enough when it is only an unbelieving doctor one has to contend with. When one's job is on line it must be HORRIBLE. With the stakes being so much higher, your anxiety level is enormous and the chance of getting a decent BP reading in conditions like that are impossible.

IF your doctor is filled with the milk of human kindness, he might prescrible something strong enough to use when you MUST show a good number...but I know, I am probably kidding myself since most are so rigid they wouldn't prescribe this way any more readily then they'd prescribe barbiturates or opiates.

If it were I, I would probably double my dose of atenolol for the day before and the day of the test. I would also two or three days of a diuretic to make sure there is no excess water weight. Alternative to the latter idea is to have three days of absolutely NO salt: Eat boiled rice, bland fish and steamed or sauteed vegetables. Keep sodium below 500 mg./day and thus read every label if you decide to add any prepared food. Don't eat anything away from home.

A valium, librium, or xananx the day before and the day OF the test will help.

Remember though, it is possible there is no cure. With me I can usually PASS a little more than half the time, but if a job were on the line, I don't know if I could pull it off.
My specific routine is that I normally take a low dose of Cozaar and some Lasix. I double both the day of the test (a new referrral, dentist, etc.) and add valium and propranolol.

I know, that's not the way to manage one's health but one does what he has to when confronted with a syndrome as unfairly vexxing as White Coat Syndrome. "Yah gotta do what yah gotta do."

Try asking your doctor for a recommendation and see if he can give any advice or better yet, an Rx! Fingers crossed. At the very least he should part with a tranquilizer.