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Being the veteran of 8 major back surgeries with a 10 level fusion just 3 months ago, I've probably had most medications for pain. Have reaction to many, but you might consider asking about Lortab. There are 5's, 7.5's and 10's, but can become addictive over a long period if taken regularly. Makes me sleepy, but it doesn't make others. There's also percocet, which I cannot use, but fortunately I get good relief with ULTRAM but not with Ultracet. It's Tylenol with less of the active ingredient but supposed to work the same. Ultram doesn't make me sleepy and if my pain level is too great to get relief than I add the Lidoderm 5 percent patches to the area. Two great meds in my opinion, but like everything else, they work great for one and not as well for another, but you can at least have a list of meds to ask about.

So sorry you are suffering and it concerns me that the doctor hasn't been more pro-active in resolving this issue. Time is important because if a nerve is pinched the damage can become permanent. As I've posted for others, my doctor said at 6 months a 99.9 percent chance for full recovery which drops to 75 percent at 9 months and only about 50 percent at one year or more. I didn't know that before I went to him and have had numb toes for years now.

Traction will help some people with a bulged disk but it can on at times also make things worse. You're wise to research and ask questions and seek non-invasive procedures. Sometimes though if you ask they doc there is a reason, such as the degenerative disk disease or weak support structures like tendon's which dictate that surgery is the best option. As your doctor seems not to be pro-active, you can take charge and become the pro-active lead. It is your body, you have to suffer the pain and only you can push for relief or if necessary see other doctors to achieve the goal. Hope you can get questions answered and sincerely hope you get medication which will let you get pain relief. All of us here know how miserable back pain is.

Best wishes and let us know how you are doing.