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I thought it was a bit weird when he told me to take 1 in the morning and one in the evening as well too, but again, since I've never taken any kind of LA medication, his explanation made a little bit of sense to me.

I did look Avinza up when I got home that day and saw that 30 mgs. was the lowest dose, but I also got concerned when it said that this is a once a day medication. Maybe he thought that instead of using the BT meds, taking it twice a day would get the levels up faster? I'm not sure.

Everything you have explained to me makes perfect sense, and I am going to call them tomorrow morning and ask about the side effects I had, and ask very clearly about him still wanting me to take it twice a day. I think if I continue to have the BT pain, then maybe I'll ask to only take it once a day and have something else for the BT pain. If I end up not needing anything else because I stop having the BT pains, then wonderful.

I hope I don't bother anyone with the questions I'll probably end up asking, but you guys have really been great and are a wealth of useful information, support and understanding. The main thing is I just want to make sure that I am able to make informed choices in my pm care. I don't want to take anything I don't need to take, and I don't want to be in constant severe pain, so this is truly a learning experience for me.

I may have made the wrong choice, but I didn't take the night time dose my pm doctor told me to, just in case part of what happened today was an allergic reaction. I can tough out the pain tonight. I've got my TENS unit and ice packs as well as warm packs. I am using my Lidoderm patches too.

Thanks Again! :)