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Hello All-
I do hope everyone is having a good weekend. I've been hurting pretty bad, but have been able to tough it out. Some of you will remember my posting about seeing my pm doctor for our first visit and him prescribing Avinza. After a few tries with it I had some problems, after having those problems, with some very helpful information from you guys and a call to his office, it was determined that I may be allergic and that I should stop taking it. They told me he was out of town and that if the pain got really bad to go to the ER and that he'd see me at my appt. on Mon. 17th.

I've toughed it out and it's been really hard because my pain is right at 8. I had lidoderm patches left from my referring doctor and used the last one. They really only bring my pain down to about a 5.5-6, but that's better than the 8. Anyway, I called his office on Tues, the 11th and had to leave a message asking if they could fax a prescription for some lidoderm patches to help until my appt and no one called me back. I waited and made another call on Wes. or Thurs. and still have not gotten a call back. I was left to think that he is still out of town, and maybe they haven't checked the messages?

Anyway- I have my second appointment tomorrow and am wondering what the next step will be if he does determine I was having an allergic reaction. During my 7 knee surgeries and back problems, the only medications I've not had problems with are vicodin & percoset (sp?). I don't want to go in there requesting specific medications for fear that I might be overstepping my boundaries, but I also know it's good to be open with your doctor. He has a list of all my allergies in my records. What to do??

Also, should I ask what their protocol is for returning phone calls? I just need to know what to expect when he isn't in town especially since he doesn't have a partner. Again, because I'm a new patient, I really don't want to cause waves. I also hope they don't think I'm a pain in the butt since I left two messages.

I am planning on taking in the unused Avinza so he knows that I've not been taking it. Is that a good idea? I do know that it's been rough toughing it out for the past two weeks and I can not wait to get some relief. My TENS unit has been running on overtime too!

Any help is greatly appreciated! :)