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Well- Had my second appointment with the new pm doctor, and left there feeling very concerned about his practices, so when I got home I went back to my referring doctor and am being referred to a new one.

I will try and keep this short, but the main point here is that when I went in to the office, I felt like I was in some kind of legalized drug den. There were 15 people in the waiting area and were being called back of course one by one. A good 12 of the 15 waiting were really acting very strange, like they were "jonesing". After them being in his office for no more than 2 minutes, they walked out with umpteen prescriptions in their hands. I caught a glimps of one scrip., and it was for 120 methadone pills although I looked away immedaitely because I didn't want to invade this guys privacy. Well, he had a strange look on his face, and after he left, he came back in with another woman and went to the receptionist and announced, "He shorted my prescription!" The assistant talked with him and he left again, and came back in another time and still was rasing cane about only getting 120 pills.

I got called back, and the pm doctor doesn't take my blood pressure or anything and asks how I'm doing and I tell him about the problems with Avinza and give him the unused pills in the bottle. He puts them in his drawer. I also tell him that sinse taking the Cymbalta I've been getting pounding headaches and feel like my heart is about to beat out of my chest constantly and I feel like I'm on the verge of some sort of rage. I've been taking them for almost 3 weeks now. He says to keep taking the Cymbalta and then hands me a scrip for massive amounts of Methadone. I told him I'm not comfortable with taking it and need some information about how it will help me. He says, "It will make you stop hurting." I told him that isn't enough for me because it scares me to take it. He asks why, and I explain to him why and then he tells me to get the scrip filled and I will feel so much better. I asked him if he would write me a scrip for Lidoderm patches since I had run out from the ones my referring doc had given me. He said, "no- you don't need those, you need the methadone."

I left there and cried the entire hour and 20 minutes home. When I got home, I went straight to my referring doctor with the written prescription for Methadone. I explained to them what happened and told them about how the Cymbalta was making me feel and when they took my blood pressure, it was 150/95 and my pulse is 106. My normal blood pressure ranges from 95/79 to about 110/80 and my pulse is not normally that high unless I am having a bad pain day. My doctor was mortified about what had happened and told me to stop the Cymbalta immediately and that she is referring me to different pm dcotor and didn't realize this other guy operates this way.

She has now put me on Neurontin for the nerve pain, Lexapro to help with the nerve pain, Skelaxin for the back muscle spasms and a small amount of Vicodin for pain when I really need it until I can get an appt. with the new pm doctor.

Can I ask this- was I over reacting about the pm doctor thing? I just need to know.

Have a great day all!

Thank you both for your point of view. I kind of felt like this would bring mixed reviews because there are many people who benefit greatly from methadone. It just really concerned me because he didn't want to hear what I had to say. He let me say how I felt, but he didn't really listen and then just totally wrote it off to nothing and didn't explain it to me. All he said is that it would make my pain better. It also bothers me that he was not willing to prescribe something like Lidoderm patches as well. Most doctors I've encountered are more than willing to prescribe non narcotic medications.

The entire visit was extremely uncomfortable for me. I know many of us need pain management, but he was so quick to bring out the "big guns", and I am just terrified of methadone, and terrified of addiction. I've seen first hand what addiction can do. No, I wouldn't abuse any medications, but this stuff really scares me. I know he treats pain for a living and has his methods, but it was really creepy- the entire visit. Even more creepy than the first visit.

I think I would be more comfortable somewhere else. For those of you who get help from methadone, I am very happy that it works for you because nobody deserves to live with pain. I think that I was just expecting to start with the less potent stuff, along with other modalities and if they work, wonderful, if not, then we can start with the stronger treatment.

Then again, I may just be overly sensitive about it....??

Thank you both again for your input. I welcome all of it.


PS- Bulletin- I forgot to answer your question about the methadone. Yes, there is a stigma to it, but there is also a stigma to being in pain management. I'm not so concerned about the stigma because I know my situation and I also know that people will form their own opions regardless. If someone doesn't live with chronic pain, they just don't normally undertsand.

My fears about methadone are just from reading about it and the things I've read scared me a bit. I just feel like maybe it's overkill at this point too. (Hopefully it's overkill because I'd like to think that something not so potent will bring my pain down to an acceptable level) I always try to hold out that hope. I've accepted that I will live with pain forever, but forever seems a long time for me to be taking methadone. I know this sounds silly, but I just get a heartwrenching feeling even thinking about it. I also forgot to mention that I had no idea methadone would even come up for me.
Hello All-

Charlie- I love the emoticons you used! It really did put a smile on my face and took my mind off of the stress and worry about all this mess. Thank you! I needed that! ;)

Kathy- The pm doctor did ask me if the vicodin worked and I told him it worked in conjuction with the Motrin and brought my pain down to a 4ish which to me, is the lowest my pain has been in 2 years, and when I have a pain level of 4, I consider it a good day. He told me to try the Avinza, and that is when the problems started. He did ask me again before writing the methadone what worked for me in the past and I told him. I also brought up the Lidoderm patches as well. I point blank asked for the Lidoderm, but did not point blank ask for the vicodin for fear he would think I was just looking for pills.

Yeah, I was hoping for a good 2nd visit, but I am really glad that when it went south, my primary care doctor was open to referring to another pm doctor. Made me feel a bit more like I wasn't being insane about it.

And, if the time comes that other forms of medication and treatments are not working, then absolutely I will be open to methadone if the new doctor suggests it.

You know, I still get the heeby jeebies just thinking about the situation in that waiting room. eeyewwww :eek:

Have a great evening. I need to go lay down because the neurontin is making me a bit sleepy, but the good thing is that even after only taking it las night and tonight, low dose, 300mgs. the burning down my right leg isn't so bad that I can't sleep! I didn't think it would work that fast, so I feel lucky about that. First time in 2 years that I don't feel so much like acid is running through my saphenous vein! Maybe just hot water or something which is an improvement that I will enjoy while it lasts!!

(((Hugs to all)))

Big hugs to all!

Isthere- Sweetie, thank you so much for your kindness. I know you have a lot going on right now and it means so much that you are here to support me in this. You keep up the great work you are doing because you deserve good things!

Kissa- Good morning (actually it's afternoon here- time flies...) Yes, I agree about trying the non medicinal treatments as well, and really would like to try as many as possible. I know there are certain medications I need, however, I do not want to rely solely on medication if at all possible. I'm lokking in to something called the Alpha-Stim 100. It's kind of like a TENS unit, but about 50 times better. I was able to use one for a short time and found that it worked so much better than my TENS and even allowed me to get to sleep without having to use Lidoderm patches or any kind of medication. That is worth more than anything to me right now.

Another funny thing about the ex pm doctor is that he does not accept insurance. I found that out at my appt Tuesday. Why wouldn't he accept insurance? I started thinking that maybe it was the other way around, maybe the insurance companies do not accept him? Things that make you go hmmmm:dizzy:

Thanks for all the support guys!