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I'm sorry to hear how horrible your husband was treat. We trust the ER to serve us and help determine if there's a major problem in a crisis such as yours.

I do understand your husbands apprehension of addiction. I suggest he find a PM who works with all the modalites and not just medications. If he up front with the doctor about his history he can avoid medications and opt for physical thereapy, TENS units, non narcotic things like Lidoderm Patches etc. The list doesn't end there. There's a vast array of things a patient can and should do as chronic pain patient outside of medication alone.

I hope his MRI goes well!
Hey Ozzy, I didn't realize you lived so close. Ya gotta live on the outer banks by your description. I live in Va beach.. For some reason People have gotten the ideas that the only form of pain management is opiates. I've know just about every PM doc in Tidewater and would be happy to give you the name of a half dozen PM practices or PM docs alone in practie that wouldn't give your husband a Vicodin on his owrst day.

I've been in PM longer than Long acting opiates have been around and they didn't use short acting ones either. There are dozens of PM techniques that work for many people that are non narcotic. Nobodyy is entitled to opiates and the docs I can list will make that perfectly clear.

He has at least 20 methods I can think off and tried that may work for him. Not everyone needs opiates and just because they work better and faster than other methods, many people really don't want to spend the rest of their lives on them until they have ruled out every other potential method and quality of life has deteriorated to the point of disability

. Having bad days or feeling rough when there is a tropical storm a hundred mles away, doesn't require opiates for every patient and he does have other choices. Being uncomfortable isn't the same as being in chronic pain, if he doesn't want tolive on and be dependnet on pain meds, let him know PM is all about opiates. If you want to travel back up to Tidewater to avoid a room full of junkies, just ask for names that will only use non opiate modalities.

Honestly it's scary how opiates are now seen as the best option when they used to be seen aste last. Yes they work better than Iboprofen, but why go the opiate route if something else will work. Maybe not as fast or with the same opiate gaurentee of apain relief,. Not evryone wants or needs to pay the price of dependence and tolerance for some added relief that can be managed inother ways.

Dr Lisa Bar Or DR Waco at "Advanced pain management" in Va Beach will be more than happy to spend a year or two trying every method they can think of to help him larn to actually cope with his pain without narcotics. From there you can move on to any of the other methods they don't offer like acupuncture, Bio feedback, self hypnosis, counseling to learn basic coping and relaxation skills, Tens, TINS,myofacial release, trigger point injections, robaxin infusions, Lidoderm patches, lidocaine infusions.Antidepressants, anti seizure meds.etc etc etc etc.

No one doc can offer every method available, but any doc can write a script for narcoitics. I know a good chiro too and there is more than one type of PT for a bad back or neck. IT just depends on how the PT was trained. Unfortunately it's hard to go back once on opiates and expect to learn a better way to cope with pain than opiates. EVMS, right across from Sentara Norfolk has a PM dept and physical medecine program. They don't use opiates either and yet they somehow manage to help some people. Crazy isn't it :rolleyes:

Just the idea that any old PM doc would put him on opiates at his first visit without trying anything else is so absurd ,but unfortunately there are docs that will. It doesn't make them good docs, it'smakes you depoendent on them each month. Patients want what they want and will shop untill they get what they want.

Just a different point of veiw than those that think the logical step after 6 weeks of PT and one ESI is methadone for the rest of your life.

Good luck, "Beach" Dave