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Well, my doctor was uncomfortable with the flonase idea. She had never heard of it. She also didn't want to go to 48hr. switching... so we will try the mylan brand again... even though I had problems with it too. It's smaller, so I can use smaller bandaids to hold it on. I've had problems with paper tape too. My skin has always been SO sensitive, that I have been unable to wear makeup etc. for my adult life, and at 48, still get acne if I use any moisturizers etc.

Thank heavens I am ok with the lidoderm patches. Who knows why I can use those and not other adhesives. LOL.

I've been fighting the idea of any opioid or narcotic for my RSD - but the patch had worked for me in the past for a severe back injury. So I am familiar with it and other than the skin issue, have not had any issues with it except I've not been on one this strong before, so am dealing with some drowsiness and upset stomach, but she says this should go away with time.

I'd love to try the Sandoze brand but no pharmacy will order it. It seems that the cost is more to the pharmacy than the mylan, and the pharmacy is only paid "X" dollars from the insurance for a generic... so they would have to eat the difference, and the sandoze is more than the mylan. Just curious if the Sandoze would make me itch like the dickens too.

I've covered mine with some stuff that I think is called nexaderm? a thin, clear, really sticky wound covering, something like a second skin.. you can get over the counter, but if you don't get it on perfect the first time, your sunk. It's made by 3-M I think. It works great, makes it waterproof, doesn't break me out, but like I say, if a corner flips over on it, its ruined, and if it flips over on the patch, it's stuck.

Thanks for your help!