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I am also taking Darvocet each day for pain with Ra and it also works great.
My Dr. has also given me 2 percosets at night which has really made a difference along with enbrel injections for my RA. I have been on this regiment for a year without any need for increase. I had a long talk with my Dr. about this because I was reluctant to take the pain medication and she
said that the quality of life is very important and for many people that have chronic pain due to many illnesses and Dr's have the obligation and duty to treat their patients with the appropriate medication needed. I feel very lucky that she feels that way and I wish that other physicians went through a day of pain that some of us deal with, I can qauntee that they would change their tune really fast. I also did not understand the difference between addiction and tolerance which she explained to me, THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE. I also go to the rec center near my home for the arthrits pool and I use Lidoderm patches which do help. I hope that have a wonderful holiday season!!!