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Hi David

Hang on, it will all be OK. You have a painful back injury but it is not hopeless. You do not have arthritis or spinal cord damage. You can get better.

Don't go off the deep end worrying about surgery and all the future possibilities such as pain pumps. Back surgery is very risky. Surgery is always a last option after everything else has failed, after there is nerve damage and, etc., you are not at that stage yet.

Some of the people on this board have incurable pain, and they have very serious problems with their backs. So please do not take everything you read here as god's word. They are speaking from their experience and not what is necessarily best for you.

You will not be referred for surgery for two slipped discs (especially with your insurance situation). Odds are your back will heal in time. But it will heal faster if you can get to a good chiropractor, do physical therapy and do every other alternative treatment you can find.

So here is my advice:

Use all of your ingenuity to get free treatment and other 'charity' help, even if you have to barter for it (such as promising work in the future for chiropractic treatments today).

1. Get on meds for the ulcers: that needs to be done anyway.

2. Get into a recovery program for addiction.

One thing at a time, remember? The first thing is that you need to handle the addiction, because if you do need narcotics for your back, you will need to be prepared for the challenge of using them responsibly as best you can. Are you in a twelve-step program? You should be, if you want any doctor to take you on.

Go to the addiction boards here and read up: you will find some people who are on pain meds for pain, not addiction. They can help you. I doubt if a pain doctor will take you unless you are in counseling and in a program. So get to work and prove that you will be a good patient.

3. Use non-narcotic treatments first and give them 1000%.

You must prove that you have done ALL YOU CAN before they will give you narcotics. So get busy and start trying to get better with non-narcotic treatments. And document everything that you are doing.

Ask your doctor for Lidoderm patches, a non-narcotic anesthetic patch for pain. Use them on your back and alternate them with the Tens unit (Tens during the day and Lidoderm patches at night).

Go to a chiropractor religiously, and physical therapy religiously, and you may be able to pull out of this without using narcotics. Wouldn't that be for the best? I am already a little worried that you have not been giving it your all in this area already. If you went to a chiropractor two or three times a week, from the very beginning, you might have been better by now. The longer you wait, the worse your back injury will be, because the discs compressing the blood flow and nerves may be making the damage permanent. Understand? If you cut off blood flow to your finger, the finger will start to die, sooner or later. If you restore the blood flow, it can heal itself... same thing with your back. Get to a chiropractor and hurry!

4. Find a doctor who specializes in pain management and who is capable of having an addict as a patient. Some pain doctors are also addiction doctors. You may need a psychiatrist. Don't be afraid: the better the doctor, the luckier you are. In the old days, you avoided doctors: now they will be your best friends.

Many addicts are in pain management. You will have to be very good and do whatever they tell you to prove that you are being honorable, but it can be done and it will be done. If you do not get a doctor who treats you with respect and who understands your issues, search until you find one. You need to be taken care of by a doctor who understands addiction, and who will treat you with whatever is necessary to control the pain.

If the above non-narcotic treatments are not enough, then you will need the Duragesic (Fentanyl) patch along with the meds for the ulcers. The Fentanyl is probably the only narcotic for you now with your stomach problems.

5. And finally believe that this is not forever. You will get better. Good luck.