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Hi Turtleman,

It is good to hear that you got what you need.

I went back and read all of your posts. I wanted to caution you about a couple of things.

1. Make that prescription last until the next time you see the doctor! Don't run out early.
(I bought a pill box, and I ration out each day's doses, so that I can see where I am at during the month.) Start to get an arsenal of other tricks to use when the pain gets bad, and try them before you reach for the meds. Tens unit, Lidoderm patches, aspercream, hot and cold packs, etc.

2. Please be careful in the future of how you talk to doctors. You have such a charming manner but you never know when a doctor will turn on you. So be cautious and always try to speak of 'necessary needs'. Sure you want to surf more but talk about the ways the pain affects your job and marriage first. Get it?

Good luck to you. I am so glad that you posted your success story: it does lift my spirits to hear it!