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I just went throught the SSDI nightmare. I made sure that my GP was the point man. Everything ran through him. He and I gathered all the records and notes from all my other Dr's and it worked very well. Took a while and I got turned down until I got to the "Administrative Law Judge" phase when me and my lawyer went before a judge. He took one look at me, looked at the chart and said "you are in a lot of pain it looks". I nodded my head and murmered a "uh huh". He asked me a few questions about my medical history and then said that I was approved. Luckily, I was an high paid employee at the company I had to leave and they had a great Bene package. They provided me with ALLSUP which is a huge HR company and they specialize in this stuff. They have a 98% success rate. I wish you luck and dont get discouraged when you get a denial. Its not over till its over and there are many steps. They key is having a good atty and a Dr. that that atty can talk with and coordinate your case.

Now back to what is going on with me. Man has this turned into a comical nightmare. My wife again had left a message to call her. Nobody did. At 3pm I woke up and called. Was only able to leave a message. 4pm the PA calls and I gave him a good ration of you know what and it went in one ear and out the other. No apology, nothin. I asked him why he has such a hard time following a basic instruction and he said, "we'll I called the number she left I got some Wacho*$%@ Insurance company". I asked "Did you hear my wifes name in that answering message?". "Well ya, I did, but I didnt want to leave a message on a work phone". I blew up at this point. I said, "Was that the number she left for you to call?". "yes" he replied. "Does the message say its her cell phone". "yah". Then I nailed him. "why would she leave you a message to call a number and you freak out and hang up? Its her personal cell phone and she works for Wachovia Bank." The jerk then said, "well its not going to help us now arguing about it, what is it you need?"

I told him that my pain levels have shot through the roof and the last four days have been a nightmare, no thanks to you guys. I described my pain, told him it hurt more when I did this and more when I did that. He said what I needed was a long acting morphine like Kadian or Avinza and I agreed but said that there would have to be a breakthru med. He said I could continue with the norco. Great! No problem!. He then said he had to talk to the head Dr. on staff and discuss all of this with him (this was my PA). The head Dr is one that I didnt get along with that I mentioned in my last post. He is really conservative and doesnt listen when you talk. The PA said to have my wife call there as she left work. The office is 15 miles from my home and 2 miles from her work. Well, She called at 4:45 and got their answering exchange. They turned their phones off sometime around 4:30 which is only a half hour after I talked to the PA and he said to call.

So, I called the PM office and got the answering service and told the guy who answered what was going on. He was really cool. He put me on hold and called the "back office". He got back on with me and said my PA would call me back soon. I didnt trust this, so I sent my wife over there and told her to beat on the doors if she had too. She got there and they were open, patients in the lobby, they just turned the phones off!!!!! My PA just happened to be in the lobby and she talked to him. He still had not talked to the main Dr about what to do. So he runs off, makes my wife wait another 20 minutes and comes out with a script of 30 5/325 percoset and lidoderm patches. He tries to explain to my wife that what I am going through is acute pain from the RFL procedure that I had. She said, "You mean the one you guys did 10 days ago? I doubt thats the cause". She let him have it. She ranted about the last 4 days and the BS about not calling her. She ranted about giving me a med that is basically the same thing I am taking now. She knows her meds too. He wouldnt budge. She asked what to do when it doesnt work? He said to call and she laughed in his face. Keep in mind, he was supposed to call me back and never did. He knew that I would had lost it. So she left there just about in tears and called me. I wish she would have called while she was still there but she was so ticked off she bolted.

Can someone explain this to me. I tell this idiot that I am taking 6 10mg norco per day and its not even touching the pain, he tells me I need Kadian or Avinza with a breakthru med and they turn around and give me 5mg percocet to be taken every 6 hours and that I am not to take the norco with it!!!!??!??!?

That was the final nail. I called the other PM Dr that I talked about and its referal only and my GP is gone till Monday. Now we happen to know her Brother because both me and my wife have worked in the lending business for years and her Brother is in the lending business too. He had said in the past that if I ever needed to get in to see her to just call him. The problem is, I havent talked to him in 2 years and I dont know where he is working now. On top of that, my Wife is leaving for Las Vegas with her best friends. All the "girls" are going there for her best friends 40th birthday. My wife needs this vacation badly. He work has been stressful since home sales are stagnant plus all the stress associated with what I am going through.

So, stuck at home alone with generally no increase in meds. My GP is gone till monday and my wife leaves at 7am tomorow. Can you believe this crap?
What god did I tick off? Looks like tomorow I am going to have to play the phone game with the PA again. I will drive in if I have to. I pray and ask you to pray for me on that point. Im not a violent person but I am Irish/scottish and not a little guy at 6'5" and 270. Its gonna take everything I got and some Xanax for me to keep my cool. I have never blown up before but I have never been through something like this. I am so mad right now my hands are shaking and I can barely type. Hopefully by tomorow I will have cooled off and gone "logical" as I normally am.

Looks like I maybe sitting in the emergency room for 4 hours tonite. Yep, thats how it is here. Garanteed 4 hours every time......

Man this sucks!