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Hi Katirina.....

Your problems just about mirror what I was going through. I had severe back and leg pains also. I only had the pain in my left leg and it was on the outside of the thigh, calf and part of my foot. I know how much this hurts and it really helped for me to be able to intermittently sit/stand in 30 minute increments to reduce the strain on the tailbone area and leg. It also helped during the sitting part to have a cushion (like a foam donut) to sit on as it relieved some of the pressure on the tailbone. It also helped to prop my foot up on some sort of foot rest which relieved pressure during sitting also. Propping my foot up during standing also helped but you have to be careful not to get thrown off balance.

The best thing that helped with my leg pain was the surgery I had approx 6-7 months ago. It was a Laminectomy/Discectomy/Foraminotomy/Facetectomy.....(i think i got that right). Anyway, it reduced my pain so much that I was able to reduce my meds by 66%. It only helped with my leg pain but that was enough for me for the time being. I would say my leg pain has diminished by 75% at this time. That is a great improvement. I can now walk without a limp, but still get some residual pain if up on it for too long or by doing too much. Even though this type of surgery usually doesn't help with back pain, it was surprising to see how much easier it was to deal with my back now that the leg is not too much of an issue as before. Maybe you could talk to your doctor about something such as this?

I dealt with meds, PT, aqua-therapy, injections, etc for 8 yrs before I finally had a surgeon tell me he could help with the leg issues. I jumped at it and am happy for that. He said the back 'might' be helped by doing a 3-level lumbar fusion, but with the lengthy recovery period and not-so-great percentage rates of success, I have decided for the moment to forego that option.....at least until it becomes apparent that I can no longer get around as easily as I can at this time. Another option would be maybe to try a TENS unit. I know it helps at times when I crank it up high. To me, it kind of numbs the nerves to the point that it will calm down for about an hour at a time. Maybe ask your doctor about "Lidoderm" patches to apply to your legs. They are more of a 'topical' analgesic form of patch unlike the Duragesic that contains a narcotic. These are worn 12hrs ON/12hrs OFF. They have been fairly successful for people who have shingles. It might be worth a shot to try those. I only tried them on my back at the time and they did not help for that, but did not have leg issues at that time to try them there.

Hope it helped a little with what has helped get me through times such as these. I can only hope you get as much relief as I have gotten. Life is too short to have to deal with these obstacles that are thrown in our path.

Take care...