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I pulled something in my sacroiliac area a month ago. After a week of the awful pain I went to my PM doctor & he gave me shots of lidocaine & marcane in the area. I have also seen a chiropractor who I saw before when this happened & does gentle manipulations on me. It seemed to start helping but the pain is back & bad. I use lidoderm patches at night & tens during the day. Nothing seems to be helping now. I am wondering if the tens is aggravating it. Does anyone have any suggestions? I can't even sit at the computer very long & I am so tired of this pain. I have enough pain without the pain here too.
Thank you all for your info. I really appreciate it.
The doc did ask specifically where my pain is. He had me move in different positions and pressed on the area. But to tell you the truth it hurts in the entire area and I can’t really pinpoint where the pain is actually radiating from. I’m only 5’1” and weigh 95 lbs. I have a history of inflammation in my body which is why the doc said the injection might reduce the inflammation & therefore, the pain. I did get a rx for muscle relaxants but haven’t yet tried them (nor did I get any injections other than the original). The pain will start to quiet down before it flares up again & I’m hoping it will quiet down without the muscle relaxants or injections. I did have the pain in this area 2 years ago & it was flared up when a doc gave me a sympathetic nerve block and the needle hit something there (I didn’t go back to him). It took along time for the pain to quiet down then & I did it mostly with lidoderm patches, pain meds & just plain ole waiting. I did go see a chiropractor then & I went back to him this time. He hit the area with the activator one day & it really hurt immediately. I told him & he said he had his thumb between it & me. (He knows how sensitive I am.) Anyways, that was weeks ago & I have not been back. I’m doing stretches – don’t know if they help but don’t seem to be making it worse. Some days it’s not more than an annoyance others it feels like a knife in me. I notice it more when I sit for long periods of time. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the RSD or not. Just don’t want to do anything unnecessary.