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I just had to tell someone with hopes that this too may help some else or you could at least ask your doctor about it. It doesn't seem that many doctors have even heard of it, so do some research and ask the question.

I have now been on an infusion pump for roughly 2 months. I am doing a 24/7 lidocaine infusion at 5 mg/hr. And it is working GREAT!!!! I used to go and sit in the clinic once or twice a week - all day long - and get the lidocaine infusion, but this is SO much better. When I would go in, I would get a large dose (500mg), which then would taper its effects off over the week. But NOW, I am at a constant dosage in my system to keep everything at an even keel.

I had an ulnar nerve transposition that went wrong (some of you may remember me, it has been a LONG time since I posted last). The surgeon cut a nerve that was over the top of my ulnar nerve in order to move it. Well...we have now found out that I have a nervous system dysfunction and that my nerves really don't want to heal AT ALL! (I hit my head 3 years ago, which caused problems with the nerves in my neck/back - I now get Botox injections for that!)...Anyway...I couldn't even stand the wind blowing against the back of my arm. I wore a Lidoderm patch as much as I could just to provide some covering over the area. But taking that patch off was horrible each day. It never did supply any pain relief to the real problem. I tried all of the medications...Lyrica seemed like it was actually starting to do something and then it started making me very sick. We tried it 3 times just to make sure it was the med and not something else...nope, the med. I tried all the others too, neurontin, amytriplyine, etc.

The pump is a pain to wear...at least a different type of pain, eh? :) But, sometimes I even forget it is there and if I had it sitting next to me on the couch..it drops on the floor when I get up. Oops. The pain is held at bay all the time. I will take it off every once in a while to see what the result is. And so far, the pain will creep back and I know that I need to get back on the pump.

It is a subcutaneous infusion treatment, which means I have to poke myself with a needle in the stomach every three days to move the site. I NEVER thought I would be able to do something like that, but I can...because it is ALL WORTH IT! This past week though I did end up getting an infection at the last site it was at. When I have to use the metal needles, they move around and destroy underneath too easily. My body can't handle that either since I have Addison's and am on immunosuppresants as well. A week on antibotics is what it bought me. Oh well.

Anyway...My doctor did TONS of research for me to try to help me figure out what to do...and he isn't a pain specialist or anything...he is my Internal Medicine doctor. He was the first to bring this treatment into our area...I am not sure how many even do it in the state. He is a diabetes specialist as well, so he is always looking for ways to stop their pain too.

Do the research, check it out and see if it would be something that could help you out. It doesn't hurt to ask right? If you have any questions, I would certainly be willing to help or supply any stories I have had.

I just want to let you know that there is some hope out there. I never thought that my arm pain would go away. Good luck to all of you in the search.