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When you find yourself reaching for them - and you're not sure if it's pain or stress - can you take a walk, or do stretches or get a thermacare out and wait at least 45 minutes to see if that helps first?

The pills shouldn't be the first thing you reach for. I've been on them for over a year at this point - and it's taken quite awhile for me to do it 'right' - as in not reaching for them first thing. I use lidoderm patches, thermacare, hot bath/shower, stretches, etc.

Actually when I get stressed or mad - I end up cleaning.... strange I know. But it helps stress and pain to move and it takes your mind off of it. (at least for me.)
You make good points. :)

I tried the lidoderm, I wish they had worked! Usually the only thing that really helps me hurt less is rest/time. I get flared up doing certain things (overdoing work, too much walking) and then nothing helps but WAITING. The narcotics just make me forget about it for a while. I do ok when I am keeping busy, but when I try to relax or sleep, that's when it gets to me.

I take NSAID's with little effect, and I have had steriod injections twice. No help. :( Heat doesn't help, and stretching sometimes makes it worse. I think part of my stress and frustration is the fact that nothing REALLY helps.

Eventually I hope to figure it out....