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Like Stardust, I'm wondering if your pain dr started you out on such a high amount of dilaudid? I mean, it is a really potent drug.

I had the same happen when I first started seeing my pain dr...he started me on 60 mg of ms contin twice a day...yeah, I was thrilled that he was willing to treat my conditions and I do have severe long term pain at times, but I had been getting by on a minimum of Tylenol 3 for years...I was shocked that he rxd that high a dose to start with and the side effects were unbearable! I was wondering if he was trying to kill me...the side effects were worse than the pain.... I only took it a few times! But he then rxd me mscontin in lower dose tabs so I could experiment with what dose would work for me without side effects but I just couldn't get rid of the side effects and the lower doses didn't work for my pain.

Luckily he worked with me, didn't get upset that I didn't take the mscontin...I didn't take it long enough to become tolerant or dependent. And I haven't become tolerant or dependent on dilaudid because I take it as needed only for severe and lengthy than usual pain flares. If I were in your position and your BP being as it is, I would get to the dr asap. Dilaudid might be a very good long term med for you and still work at a lower dose, like I said before, with a supervised reduction in your dosage. It's just that I've never heard of anyone being prescribed so much and taking so much daily. I'm not questioning you or your pain, please understand that, I'm questioning your doctor!

I know some who have very severe chronic pain and take ms contin or another long acting med and then low doses of dilaudid 2-4mg, 2 or 3 times, a day as a breakthrough med.

Keep us posted. Hope you're doing better.
PS It seems another advantage of a privately owned compounding pharmacy located near some type of hospital or med center is more likely to have these stronger pain meds or specialty meds in stock all the time than the chains...seems like the chains are always having to order in advance or don't have enough to fill a complete Rx. Just sharing my experience.

Also, Wendy, have you tried the lidocaine (lidoderm) 5% patches for your fibro pain? They are VERY expensive if you don't have an Rx plan, there is no generic and I think only one company makes them, hence the price but well worth trying if you do have an Rx insurance plan. I hope the Lyrica helps you! I know some who have had great luck with it, and others not. I hope you are in the first group:angel:
I have 4 boxes of Lidoderm patches under my bathroom sink, the only thing they are good for is a sunburn! :cool: