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Just wanted to chime in here with everyone else. I totally agree with the previous posters regarding something long acting. Many PM doctors are moving towards the LA meds. It makes it easier for the patient because they aren't stuck "clock watching", and also, it leaves you with less medication to keep up with. Also, with the LA meds, you don't get that up and down effect like you do with the short acting medications. Many people still do have short acting medications available for breakthrough pain just in case, but there are some PM doctors who only use LA meds and do not allow breakthrough meds.

There are many different long acting medications out there that you can discuss with your doctor. Duragesic patches have already been mentioned. Other options are the methadone, oxycontin, Avinza, Opana ER...there are quite a few. I wouldn't necessarily go in and ask your doctor for specific medications, but you certainly can tell him your concerns with the short acting medications and having the watch the clock and then ask if there are any long acting medications that he might consider allowing you to try.

Your concerns are valid, and it may be that your doctor isn't really aware of them therefore, he hasn't brought up the possibility of the LA meds. And, it could be that your particular doctor prefers using the short acting meds too. You never know until you ask. Different doctors have different methods and protocols.

You mentioned lidoderm patches, and I've used those before. They kind of worked on some of my pain areas, but didn't do anything for my areas of nerve pain. They also bruned my skin, so we ditched them a long time ago.

One thing to remember with starting LA meds is that they doctors usually start you with a fairly low dosing schedule, and the titrate you up to the levels that manage your pain good enough to allow you to function. With some of the meds it also takes a little time for them to build to a steady serum level in your system, so you won't always see immediate results with them.

I think a lot of us have encountered the same feelings when it comes to having to take so many pills, but eventually you kind of learn to accept that this is going to be part of your life in some way or another. It was hard for me to accept that my life will involve daily pain levels of some sort or another. Some days are better than others, and I even get some really good days thrown in there where the pain is almost unnoticable, and for those I am truly thankful.

Talk with your doctor about your concerns, and let us know how it goes. Hopefully you guys will be able to work something out. Good Luck!