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I use the lidoderm patches in conjunction with opoids and get pretty decent relief. It really matters where you place the patch. I have found they are no good on joints such as knees, elbows or shoulders but work really well for my spine--if I get them on the right spot. If I am off just a bit--it won't work. I can feel the difference almost instantly when I take the patch off--when I get it in the right spot to begin with. I was very lucky and found a very good pm doctor in NC and I have a wonderful GP who is willing to step outside her comfort zone to treat me. I had cancer w/ radiation and that set off a whole host of newer problems and intensified what I already had as it burnt my brachial plexius. I am very lucky though............It helps keep my head to remember what is really important in life and to maintain a level of quality of life. I fight for myself and for the care offered by physicans. I had seen three different neurologists before I settled on the one I have now. Each doctor has their own views and beliefs that transfers to the level of care they provide......or do not provide...
My PM gives me samples of the Lidoderm patches since i have no insurance. They do not work on my back but worked great for my knee. I am to put it on and take it off every 12 hours as well. I cut them in half for my knee and then wrap an ace bandage around it because everytime i bend my leg it starts peeling off. This is another thing that is very individual. May work for some but not others.

The best thing i have found for my back and hip are the WELL PATCHES. That is actually the brand name. The strange part is that they are the cheapest ones i found. LOL Try those on your back if the Lido patches don't work. GL and God Bless, morgy porgy