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Acaptain asked for an update on my other thread and it has become so long that I will post here.

My pain levels have continued to be extreme since the nerve block. My primary put me on Percocet, Lidoderm, soma, and Prozac. Unfortunately, after she agreed to maintain my meds she left on 10/19 from the practice. Monday I see a new GP who agreed with my old doc to take over the pain meds. My old gp said he wants to put me on long acting meds.

I currently take 6 percocets 5-325 per day. Honestly, this does not always cover my pain but I am happy to have the meds and won't complain to much.

To make a long story short, I will be undergoing my fourth back surgery in December. I will be having part of my hardware removed, bmp added around the fusion site, and a cage put in to support the disc above. While my surgeon is in, he will determine if I will need another surgery the week to month after the surgery to insert a plate thru the abdomen to stabilize the spine. Right now it looks like I will be scheduled in December.

Do you think knowing that I will be having surgery that it is smart to move to a long acting med? I am clinging to hope that after this surgery I can get off meds -- maybe it is foolish thinking -- wouldn't it be harder to wean off of long lasting versus short acting meds?