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Oh my god, I'm so excited and scared to read your post. I too am 19 and had to take a medical leave this semester because of chronic back - or butt - pain. We are not sure if it is my spine or muscles pressing on my sciatic nerve because I have seen two orthopedists, one spine surgeon, my pediatrician, and two physical therapists, and every single one gives a different diagnosis and a referral. It has gotten better since I came home and was relieved of the anxiety of school and started cymbalta - so it sounds like your experience is way more intense than mine, although i have scrips for vicodin and lidoderm patches those are less intense than yours and i can now sit and walk which i couldn't before - but seriously, how are you emotionally handling this? I want to be out there doing **** and love life and at the same time I totally doubt my sanity. Have you heard of John Sarno? I don't have the guts to read his **** but i am wondering if i am making this **** up for some ****ed up psychological reason. I hope I am not co-opting your thread or should start my own or something. But we're so ****ing young! The other reason your post spoke to me is that the L5-S1 area is the SLIGHTLY messed up area of my back - hyperextended the vertebrae last year rowing, developed nerve root cysts that they say are NOT the cause of the pain, slightly bulging disc now - aaaauuughh, what the **** is going on in our bodies! I feel like there is a monster inside of me! Grabbing my butt! I don't want to **** you up, clearly you're seeking real medical advice. But do you all on this forum experience this profound doubt about the very real internal experience of pain?