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[QUOTE=ibake&pray;3392423][COLOR="Navy"]I was on Lyrica, but the weight gain (18 lbs) made me go off that one quick. Topomax is also used for weight control.

I've gained 35 pounds since my surgery in Sept. 2006. I had lost 20 in the summer but put it back on when I could not go for my long walks anymore. I know it is from eating more too and not just from the meds. No exercise anymore either. Walking was all I could do. Would put my IPOD on and just walk. Now the electric shocks in my leg put an end to that. When I go shopping etc. I have to use the cane and I get the shocks.

[QUOTE=brianpain33;3392433]I have been experimenting with the TENS unit that I have. You may want to ask your doctor about trying one of these because they have been proven to be successful for people that have nerve pain.

I've had a TENS machine for years. It use to take the edge off the lower back pain. It doesn't really help my nerve pain though. I should dig it out and give it another try though. I also have some Lidoderm patches I should try again. Who knows.

Well, the back pain is a little worse then yesterday. So I got 5 days where it was not killing me after the last shot. Hopefully it won't come back full force.

Thanks guys for your input. I'll let you know how the meds go after I am on them awhile. Thanks again.