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Marcia & Chrissy, Had one of the worst days yesturday. I guess when he said it may get worse he meant it. OMG, I spent most of the day in tears. The perco. lasted 2-3hrs, that was it. I just do not get it. My ribs & chest were so painful I could not touch between my ribs, super sore, sharp stabbing pains in my chest & by evening my shoulder & arm joined in. I have such pain going down my arm. This may sound crazy but I swear it was hurting all the way down to my hip, & I mean bad.
I did alittle bit of work the other day, I don't know if that did it or what. But I am not waiting till may, no way. I am in more pain then before the surgery. I can't get rid of this pulsating throbbing in those areas. I had the therma care patch on so I will try the lidoderm again today. My husband does not want me doing much so my sister may come to help me out, the weather has been pretty bad so we will see. Ladies I can handle pain but this just is not some small aggravating pain, its constant. My arm is hurting all the way to the hand. I am trying to keep in mind he said it could still get worse but heck I am getting really tired of this. like you Chrissy I take the meds & it goes 9,8,7,6.
2 hours later it starts going 6,7,8,9, I reach the 10 & that is it. I spent most of my day gagging with dry heaves & nausea, that makes the darn shoulder/scapula hurt.
Marcia, you are right, there is no reason I should have to wait that long, I can't do it.
I am gong to try to hold off till my march appointment but if it continues like yesturday I will have to be seen. I am not sure who to call, my primary or the surgeon. The surgeon only wanted to wait to see if it would start to feel better as the shoulder heals in hopes of avoiding another specialist. I have been neglecting the chair to so I will start back up today. No way could I do yesturday & was gone saturday most of day, sunday only squeezed it in for a short time. You just are not always sure what is normal & what is not. My other shoulder is starting to hurt so I will really have to watch it, don't want to go through this again. I just under estimated how hard this recovery would be, you don't have a crystal ball, its a good thing I would have probably been to scared to get this done. Marcia, how are you doing, better then me I hope? Are you sleeping on the shoulder yet? Do you know if I can apply the Lidoderm patch to the shoulder & the ribs, you know in a few different locations at the same time? Thanks ladies, I am not out of enough pain to take the Norco at this time but hopefully I will get there. I need to be able to save the perocet in case I have to wait to get into another doc to manage this pain. Sammy