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As some of you know I have severe osteo-arthritis and one of the worst places is my left knee. Most of the time it's just there and I am used to it. For some resaon I woke up yesterday morning with the pain a bit escalated. Well this morning OMG it feels like someone is trying to pry my knee cap off. The weird part is that besides the the pain, it feels fevered a bit, but there is no swelling. Walking on it is extremely painful and just sitting here it is throbbing like hell. I swear I did nothing to it unless I slept wrong or something. I just took my morning dose of pain med along with an extra ibuprophen and put a lidoderm patch on it so hopefully that will help.

I am just a little worried because since i started swimming and walking about a year ago it has felt better. It also eased up so much when I lost the 44 pounds. Dr. told me they would do an x-ray and see what's going on but as you guys know I have no insurance and we just moved into a new apartment so money is really tight. I hate to put an added stress on my hubby and our finances. I tend to hide things like this from him hoping it will get better on it's own even though he is a very sweet, understanding man. He just worries so much about me and that breaks my heart that he used to seeing me as strong and i just try to hold on to that, ya' know what i mean?

Oh well does anybody have any suggestions and thanks for letting me vent and complain to you. LOL God Bless, morgyporgy