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A couple of things that worked for me post op fusion (I'm just over one year out) for the severe nerve pain were:

1) Lyrica: It helped initially, then I had a severe reaction to it, though we are all different and you might not. If you are already on some type of nerve type medication, perhaps a talk with your doctor about an increase is in order.

2) Lidoderm patches: I cut them into strips and placed them on the spots where the nerve pain was the deepest. For me it was my butt, and my ankles. I looked like a freak, but it really helped.

3) WALK, WALK, WALK. Do as much as you can. I started out with a walker in the hosp. and moved to a cane, and was walking 1-3 miles a day around my circle. Crazy as it sounds it really helped wake up those nerves and settle them down.

Do I still have pain. YUP!! 24/7. Is as bad as it was pre-op?? Nope, it's different, but it still hurts!!! Good days, bad days, AWFUL days. Ahhhh, the life of a CP'er!!

Much luck to you.