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Hey Mark,

Buy no means at all does it mean your dose is to high. It's just to be expected that those particular good feelings and maybe a good shot of energy will taper off to where all you have is pain relief. The one side effect that doesn't wear off is constipation. So you need to stay on top of it. Just another thing to keep in mind is that you can't expect the meds to bring you down to zero pain on the scale. It may get really close at first. At least thats what to good feeling side effects are tricking you into believing. Now everyone is different on the amount of pain relief they bring. For me a good day is in the 4-5 area on the pain scale. For that reason I'm a firm beliiever in all modalities of pain controll, including other meds along with the oipiates such as, Lyrica, Nuerontin, Celebrex, and so on. Over time you will discover which ones work for you and which ones don't. My PM program includes Mthadone 160-200mg Oxyfast 20mgs, Dilaudid 16mgs, Lyrica 600-900mgs, Celebrex 400mgs, Baclofen 60mgs, Cymbalta 120mgs, Eavil 50mgs, and AdderallXR 30mgs. Also a Tens unit, Lidoderm patchs, Trigger piont inj.s, Message twice dailey along with ice and heat packs thru out the day. I allso use guided imagery and biofeedback. You will have to find what works for you. This is how I feel about other methods. If it gives you any amount of pain relief no matter how minute then it is worth. Just a few other things to think about and investigate. Just don't hesitate to ask questions here. Usually somebody has the answer for you. Hope this helps.