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Montain, When was your surgery? Listen I had mine Jan,31, helped to lift a genteman the other day, my shoulder is now killing me, so take it from me be careful.It hurts to move it at all. Really hurts. There is triple the pain now. When I was in pt my shoulder started to click or alittle pop at times, this pt said that is not good. Said I was probably over doing it & she was right. Icing always helped along with rest. I had more pain free ROM after surgery to, but I still can't lift my arm painfree over my head or put it behind me but my recovery is halted due to the other problems.

Marcia, my gosh you don't have a dog, you have a horse. Did it come with a saddle? He will definantly out with you in a few months, you better get those bumpers.
My surgeon will not be in til monday, I dropped off the cd from the MRI.
Had my first osteo appointment. Very interesting. Learned alot. She said my pelvic and hip area are a mess & there is facsia that run from there up through the ribs & the back area. Interesting she is saying they will rule out areas as they go along. Made me realize that it could be coming from an entire different area then where all the actual pain is. Now she also mentioned your Lidoderm patches, which I told her I tried, now she has prescribed a compound cream to try with the lidoderm in it, she said she can requests it different strengths if it gives me any relief.
I thought of you right away. Every heard of anything like that? I will get it filled today & give it a try. I wrote down the name of the compound if you want it. Super nice doc. She would not go to near the ribs, said I am to sensitive & did not want to trigger it off. But did say it is all super tight in there & the hip area.
I have screwed up the shoulder. Bad, right in that back scapula, feels like right after surgery, woke up in tears. My husband seems to think it may be in one of the areas he worked on & asked me what the heck was I thinking! I am going to be icing like crazy.

I am having additional help come in at work, thank god. I will try to only kind of supervise & mostly from home. I just can't get a break, suppose to be back off work til june. Can't just leave people to get hurt or sick. Dang every time I am off work one of them go down hill. Just don't get it. I have told them to allow the extra help in for know, that I have to heal. Get this had a nurse come in & she messed up the meds for one & could not find a med that was right in front of her face, not kidding. No wonder they want me there. My clients glucose is out of control, stopped taking care of himself because I was not there. So have to start all over again, goes from 400 down to 40. That is an example of why I can't stay put. Got some help & getting more, but the guy only listens good to me. I don't get it. They have kind of adopted me & I have to be a bossy bit of baggage to get him to listen, but no more lifitng at all. I should have it kind of straightend out somewhat by the end of the week. Stressful, my sister inlaw said no wonder you can't heal, said she would not do my job for anything at all.
Man just hearing you describe what is going on makes me hurt. Don't let that chest area get bad. You experiance the same as I , where you can't get a deep breathe in because of something interferring with the ribs. For you its the kidney, for me thus far, its because the ribs are pushing upwards. Really is tough. Can get scary, can't it?
Be careful, watch that popping or clicking. The osteo doc. said no more heat just ice. I will ask her why. As we progress & I get to know abit more about the shape of my body I will mention the stellate(spelled wrong?) injection if nothing is improving. The hand is sweating again, I think its because of the arm being in pain & back in the sling more.
I am glad she is pointing out why I have pain in certain areas. She said the pelvis & hip are bad, that accounts for the hip pain & leg probably. They do not like meds, so I will need the surgeon to do that. She did say take a pain med if I need to before I come, which will be once a week so far, & to call if it gets out of control. This place takes months to get into but I really like the way she explains everything, uses alot of med. term, I told her I am going to have to get my MA books out & I wish I would have paid more attention to those chapters (ha). She said she does tend to forget alot of people don't understand what she is saying but I do at least somewhat, she said ask all the questions I want, that is new for a doctor. We will see how it goes.
I expained to her that my only worry was having to drive there, some days I am to darn sore. EVeryone works so cant always get a ride. My sisterinlaw came 30 minutes to take me there & for my MRI, gas is to high to ask her to do it on a regular basis (even though I pay her for gas)& she works out of her home.
I really feel stupid, can't believe I screwed with that shoulder. All the dang people standing there & I am by far the smallest & no one stepped forward to help him. No more, after experiancing this pain again, I am done. Even the pain med is not working well. I pray something shows in that MRI, I am getting to the point I can't stand not knowing what is going on. Talk to you soon, Sammy
Marcia, You have got to be kidding me, we just have to much in common, I have got the same flowers & the same problem. Your ahead of me with the flowers because of course I am abit more north. I have the same problem. I have so many rabbits you can sit & watch them play all day. They nibble the dang flowers till there is nothing left & I have tried everything. Dog hair, pepper, the hot pepper spray, makes me so mad. Those flowers have not even got a chance to bloom for two years. In fact I noticed one of them is barely coming up this year. I was just asking someone the other day what else to try. They scare away easily so I am putting another set of wind chimes up, but heck half the time there is not enough wind to do anything. I work so hard in my flower gardens & the dang rabbits eat my favorite flowers. I fenced in my garden good but don't really want to put a fence in my front. I am going to ask when I go back to the nursey, cant believe I forgot to ask when I was there. Let me know if you find anything that works.

Ok woke up with my index finger on my right hand hurting like mad, it is abit swollen up. Both shoulders are so painful this morning. I just don't get it. Cant lift either arm up. This is really getting to me. The left shoulder feels like it wants to snap. It feels like I was holding a very heavy object above my head all night. Crazy. Both sides are just aching, especially in the dang scapula area. Its getting abit more confusing.
Do you really think I may have the SNS thing going on? The left hand sweats still but very little. I am not sure how I would have developed it.
I could kick myself for not asking the surgeon about PM when he phoned. He kind of sounded like it was so final, I am worried he is passing me off to this osteo doc. who does not deal in pain meds at all. I have no choice but to ask when I call for my next script about an appointment for PM, it is coming to that 6mnth mark for my surgery. I have been worried sick about it taking months to get in & having noone to treat the pain while waiting, do you think the surgeon would do that? I do believe he knows I am in pain but you just never know. I dont trust my pcp anymore every since he slapped that "its just inflammtion of the chest wall" if he would looked at the dang records he would have known this has been an ongoing problem, heck he is the one who started me on oxy last august.
I do know it is time to address the issue of PM, I did try but he said to wait to that 6mnth mark & for the MRI & osteo appointments. I can't live my life being this limited. I was thinkng the other day, if I was a man & the wage earner I wonder if I would have already been in PM, you know. Well I still need to be able to contribute to this family so something has got to be done. I am not just talking about narcotics, what about someone who can try other methods, that is why I want into PM. Heck I am thrilled when I can cut back by 1/2 dose of my pain meds, but then again thats probably because I am not working & taking the motrin to. I have just started the stronger dose of the compound cream. There was a different guy there, & I got to say he had me so peeved, told me there has been noone this stuff has not helped & the lido did this & that, I stopped him & said "I was on the Lidoderm patches & they did not one thing", I was on the strongest steroids & nothing", the other chemist was walking in when he was talking to me & came up to the counter he remembered me from the week before, I do not like when someone makes promises that something will work, then give me my dang money back it it don't. I have been so disappointed by promises in the past that I see red when someone starts that crap. The stronger the dose the more expensive at tune of 50.00 for aweeks supply because the area that I have jto apply it is so large. I have to contact my insurance to see if they will reimburse me, they cover the patches so why not his cream. This guy did not even know what the my problem was before making these statements. I ask the other chemist about if it would help the myofascial & he said if there is inflammation then there is a chance it will, but if this strength did not make any difference then he does not think a stronger dose will work either, he did say that they have alot of success with this compound & he will be surprised if I dont get some kind of relief. So we will see. At least he was abit more realistic. I have a low tolerance for people who make statements or promises that can't be kept. I am tired of having my hopes up & they don't realize how depressing it is when you try all these things that everyone promises you will help & nothing comes of it.
I am worried sick over this shoulder, I am telling you after all that pain from surgery & before, that shoulder is being neglected & going down hill. I am not allowing the osteo to do to that shoulder what she did last week. She had me hang it off the table & beared down on it, well its been sore every since, don't you think its abit soon for that kind of thing?
That pain has even been going up the neck to give me a headache on that side. Hurts behind the ear, all the way up to the temple, even the eye area looks abit swollen, scares the crap out of me because of my past history of migraines, that is one pain I don't get rid of easily & it can last up to a month. The whole area above the scapula going into the neck is swollen & in spasm. To top it all off I have had cramps since thursday from my monthly visiter, I don't usually cramp for that many days. Strange all that perc. & don't help the cramping much. I told my husbnd if a migraines kicks in I am done, & he knows it. I am mad at myself for allowing her be so aggressive with that side, but I really did not realize till she went to do it. I'll tell you what a week.

I hope your recovery is going alot better then mine. Your a week behind me for that 6 mnth. mark. Does your surgeon treat up till that time to? How is the other shoulder doing? I think we need a weekend trip to a spa or something. The only thing I look forward to is my gardening & if I can't do that I will not be a happy camper. I am using the lavender & peppermint oils to soothe abit. I'll tell you at times it works better then all those prescription drugs. My husband has had the virus with all the congestion, I put the oils on him & he said he has not slept that good in over 6 mnths, said to make sure I get some more. That is saying something that man poo poos everything. These oils are the real deal & a drop is super strong, & believe me I am a doubting thomas but they do help at times. To many people get relief from them to ignore it, & hey its all natrual so can't hurt. That is something you should consider, there is one in particular that I really like, my sisterinlaw is dropping some off for me to try & if I get relief I will let you know. I'll talk to you soon, Got to go ice, Sammy