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Chrissy, For some reason this place did not even take my prescription card, they just pretty much said that they are like a speciality place & don't deal with the insurance co. but will give me a form if my insurance will pay for any of it. I figure it it works it is worth it. Depending on how big the area is determines how long the gel will last. Really if the area is not to large its well worth the money if it works. I will know from a few days up to a week. I have to put it on x3 a day for now. I am really bad at remembering.

I have been trying to wrap up some issues at work so I can get some time off. The surgeon wants me on medical til some time in June. Hopefully it will work out. I will just pop in & check on my clients perhaps once a week.
I have posted with Marcia on the general board, we are keeping tabs on our recoveries & she is holding my hand through all this extra crap, bless her. Some others with shoulder surgery & shoulder issues on that board to. I hope she can try this gel also, she can't take anti inflammatories & I believe some one else here can't also, may be dietpepper. Would be nice if this works for someone. Heck its worth a shot. I am really trying some safe natural routes, not without checking with the pharmacist first, but so far just supplements & spices that are hightly reconized for being benificial for inflammation & such.
Hope you are having some decent days, always thinking of you & Brian. You two are good for each other & I am glad you have one another. Sounds like you two really are a good support system for each other.
I have been so busy & foolish, it is hard when you are pretty much self empoyed,which I am at this time. I had noone to back me up if I could not be there. Had to get some help. My husbund is pretty much letting me know enough is enough, along with the doctors. I just don't have the heart to abandon anyone, but I also can't get so bad that I will do myself right out of work for even longer. I really will have to go into another line of work sooner or later. Hard to do. I can't keep going this way, it is torture & I know I am only going because of all the meds & that worries me.
Look into this gel & see what you think. I am hoping to get some responses. I never has alot of success with the Lidoderm patches but alot of other have, so togther maybe this combination will work, & they can make a stronger gel. I will check & see if you have a post on the results of your latest test. Take care & chin up! Sammy