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Marcia: I wish my insurance would cover my myo release! In actuality they do cover the modality, but only with a Registered Physical Therapist (RPT), not a Liscensed Massage Therapist (LMT). I went to all 3 of the larger PT places where they said they did myo release, but they really didn't know what they were doing. They had some limited training, but not certification in myo release specifically and were way too heavy handed in the beginning. As I'm sure you know, being too aggressive in the beginning can have you jumping up off the table! But the girl I see now (LMT) is fantastic and it's worth it for me to pay out of pocket. I haven't tried bio-freeze, but I have used the lidoderm patches to no avail. It seems the lidocaine in them just doesn't penetrate deep enough or something. Maybe I'll try the bio-freeze though. Can you get it OTC? Or do you need a script?

Sammy: Marcia is so right about the surgery doing damage to the muscle and the fascia. It's bad enough that the CMP does damage, but to have it cut and sewn back together is like adding insult to injury. What a vicious cycle! You know, even my husband can do some of the very basic myo release on me now. I explained it and showed him how much pressure to use on the different muscle groups and he can at least do the lighter, softer part of it for me. It may not seem like such light pressure is doing anything, but you'd be surprised.

I also make lists now. Not just for packing to go away. I make them for darn near everything! Between CP and peri-meno, I have to!

Take care my friends. I hope each day brings a little more relief. CMP/MM